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  • After mostly 20 years in the international fitness world, Bianca Cioni, former Master Trainer for Reebok has the big pleasure to introduce in exclusivity a new product in Europe.

    The product named TheRamp has been launched with a big success end of 2003 in the United States by Gin Miller herself. 

    Bianca has been the leader of the Step Reebok introduction in Belgium during the years 90' and was part of the team for the Step Reebok series on Eurosport, worldwide distributed.


    TheRamp is a new low impact alternative for cardio programming with more variety than you can imagine. Incline Walking on The Ramp is the first group-walking program that makes walking a workout! This unique activity is a cardio workout with backside toning.

    Programs for walking, stepping, strength, and flexibility will provide effective ways to build class attendance in your aerobic studio.

    TheRamp is unique in it's one way, as it doesn't resemble any other physical activity. It's the first form of workout to combine forward walking movement as well as backward walk movement; all performed on multicoloured incline surface and height adjustable.

    This new low impact activity shapes the muscles from behind-your buttocks, hips and hamstrings by a series of walking, presses and lunges.

    Like Gin Miller says : "It's cardio for buttocks"

    Not only is it an extraordinary form of cardio vascular training, TheRamp can also be used for strength & flexibility which will help you to develop a variety of new ideas for your aerobic classes and Personal Training sessions

    You will find the specifications of TheRamp on this link and the suggested floor layout on this link. (to avoid duplicate contents, you will be redirected to the website of



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