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Collective classes


Collective classes Management

Are you asking those questions ?

  • Is this teacher a real performer ?

  • Is this course well placed in the journey ?

  • How many coins are not taken ?

  • What are the costs of the replacements ?

  • How many times was this teacher replaced ?

  • What are the attendances for a specific course or a category of courses ?

  • Do you want to have a nice presentation of your courses agenda ?

  • Are you dealing with several classes rooms ?

  • Do you want to have your planning ready from the Agenda sheet and the presence sheet ?

  • For the free-lance teachers ",do you want to let the computer prepare the sheet of all courses given and avoid to verify each invoice ?

  • Do you want to reduce at the maximum the time spend on your computer and be there for your customers ?

  • If the answer is YES,

    contact us quickly !