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Personal Trainings Management

You are not fully happy with the tools which manage your Personal Training activity ?

You want to be able to checks which tickets has been used, to establish the invoices of your personal trainers with everything checked, etc ...

Do you ask yourself those questions ?

  • Is this Trainer a real performer ?

  • What is the Trainer who perform the best in your team ?

  • What are the typical customers of this trainer ?

  • Do you want to contact customers which are not coming since xx months and be able to make more members retention ?

  • What are the most usual hours when the trainer is working for you ?

  • What are the amount of tickets which are outside the validity period and not yet used ?

  • Are the tickets not used twice ?

  • Do want want to have a link between the bookkeeping and the management of the tickets ? (Like this with a ticket number , you can find a customer, validity dates, etc ...

  • Do you want to avoid checking invoices of your trainers and let the utility do the invoices for all of them and be sure everything is correct from the beginning ?

  • Are you asked by the bookkeeping department to give your spending budget for the next month ?

  • Are you asked by the top management to issue numerous statistics which takes you normally days to be build ?

  • Do you want to inform regularly by email all your customers (for a specific promotion, new activity, new trainer ...)

  • Do you want to avoid to input data already stored somewhere on your network (Members data) ?

  • Do you want to reduce at the maximum the time spend on your computer and be there for your customers ?

  • If the answer is YES,

    contact us quickly !

    Soon on this page, you will see how to achieve tasks which are not often available on standard software.